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You maybe thinking, "what makes Seasons Art Class any different to other available art courses?" Here is a quick look at why Seasons Art Class is the best option for beginner artists.


Have a think about how convenient that will be. At Seasons Art Class your one-off course fee covers all your lessons plus the equipment and supplies you use. If you take a look at other courses, you will see they expect you to source and provide your own equipment.


We are trying to make it super easy for you.

  • You don’t need to carry bulky equipment to and from class.

  • We will have all the equipment and supplies for each session set up and waiting.

  • You won’t need to source the equipment and supplies – we will provide everything you need (all qualification-standard art materials).

  • We will give you a large folder for you to store all your art work and class notes in.

Artist Painting in Studio


We understand it takes time to learn new things. That’s why a Seasons Art course provides more time to allow you to learn at a relaxed speed. 

  • A Seasons Art Course consists of 13 weekly lessons. This provides time for you to practice and develop your new skills in a supportive class. Other courses are typically rushed through in 8-10 weeks.

  • Each weekly session is 3 hrs. This provides time to watch the Tutor demos, practice what you are learning and finish your artwork. Other courses are often only 2hrs, which means you don't gain the same benefits or have a chance to practice sufficiently.


The magic is in the quality of the curriculum. At Seasons Art Classes, we like a good plan. Our Foundation course for first time students has been especially curated for beginner artists by our team of Master Tutors. That's why our course curriculum is so good at helping beginner artists improve quickly.

  • All lessons in a Seasons Art course have been carefully planned. Each week students learn new techniques and gain skills that relate to upcoming lesson. This careful curation of the course content is the reason why our students develop and progress.

  • At a Seasons Art course you will not be left to figure out what to do, which is so often the case at other courses. 

  • Throughout the course, your class tutor will provide step-by-step demonstrations and help you one-on-one with your artwork.

  • We also provide you with comprehensive course notes to help you during class and to take home for later reference.

  • Your notes provide a wealth of information and step-by-step examples of some key learning tasks. We think providing this for our students is obvious, however don’t expect to receive quality notes from other course options.

Seasons Art Class Curriculum - Foundation.jpg
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